Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The New Racial Urban-Understanding of Cultural Differences and Bigotry Dictionary…

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I have learned sooo much on race relations and bigotry today, it's hard to know where to begin. Rachel Jeantel (chief witness for the persecution of George Zimmerman) took the time to bring us all closer in understanding by appearing on the Piers Morgan Show. So here's what I know now: #1. All males, white black, asian, hispanic or "siamese" as Jeantel put it are "Niggas".  I cannot tell you all what a huge relief it was to finally understand that. I mean since the 1950's I have struggled with that "N" word, believing it was actually NOT Nigga, but the "er" version. But Jeantel made it clear that no no no, the word is "Nigga" and no one should feel it racist to call another man Nigga, that's just the "old-school" in us. Nigga according to Jeantel, means "male" as in any man of any race, complexion or sexual orientatio... ya well maybe not orientation since Jeantel also stated that she believed George Zimmerman was #2. "that way" as in a gay child-rapist, so I extrapolate that a gay "male" can't by urban definition, be a Nigga.

Then after all of that, I come to find out that according to Jeantel #3. "cracker" is not the actual term used in the new urban vernacular. It's actually "Cracka", which again without the "er" means something entirely different than a "white" man. It means "a police" or someone attempting to behave like a police. Wow, no wonder Trayvon was so freaked, He thought he was being pursued by a creepy-ass'd --likely homosexual child rapist-- "police" who was probably following Trayvon home in order to rape his little brother and eat all their Skittles. So, in Rachel's estimation, Trayvon ignored her pleas to "run Trayvon run" for home because when a homosexual-Nigga-Cracka is following someone who isn't "that way" it could be really bad. If only Trayvon would have listened to Rachel and just ran away home, none of this would have happened. But he didn't. As Rachel indicated, Trayvon turned back to pursue Zimmerman because he was a creepy-ass'd Cracka that was gonna rape him and his little brotha then eat their Skittles and wash it all down with the ice tea (not the famous Nigga Ice T but the actual tea based drink. (I'm bettin it wasn't Two if by Tea, ehr ahhh -- but I digress).

Now as I have researched, in urban lingo a girl or woman is still spelled "Ho".  So we had on that night, two Nigga's one suspected of homosexual-child-rapist tendencies, and the other Nigga --Trayvon-- on top beating the shit out of the gay Nigga --Zimmerman-- about whom the Ho Jeantel had just alerted Trayvon, in order to save two family Nigga's and a Ho at home so to keep them all safe from the gay child rapist cracka with an official "police" aura about him. All was cool until a third Nigga came out to see WTF was goin on and witnessed the Bigga Nigga straddling the Smalla Nigga and layin some Kung Fu style hurtin on his ass, which in terms of the hood is defined as #4. "Whoop-Asss".  Now we did not get any New Racial Urban guidance on the particular definition of “ass” from Jeantel so I have to assume ass --old school-- simply refers to the act of beating the hell outta one Nigga's body by anotha Nigga without specifically targeting the posterior "butt" or "bumpa-cola" (spanish) area which given the narative Jeantel presented might bring the sexuality of Trayvon into question as well. Of course he's not here to deny it so the accusation might have stuck. Thank god it nevah came to that.

I think much more could be done to bring all races to a greater understanding of Black culture if NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, HBO, TLC, BHC... or some such network would create a future for Jeantel by coming up with an educational "Ask Jeantel" show where viewers and or listeners could call in and ask Jeantel to define the many other words in terms of The New Racial Urban-Understanding of Cultural Differences and Bigotry Dictionary. Dedicated of course to Trayvon Martin, one Bad-ass'd though tragically deceased "N" word with an "A" not an "er".

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin Was Not Innocent and Not a Child (Zimmerman Not Guilty) Originally Posted at my WordPress.com Blog 7/10/2013

I base my opinion today on my own experiences, on everything I’ve seen and heard during the Zimmerman trial, and from an alternate media (God knows the lame-stream media wouldn’t) that has researched thoroughly over the past 16 months who Trayvon Martin was and who George Zimmerman is. Based thereon, I believe as follows: that Trayvon Martin was a thug, a punk who fancied himself a bad-ass. Trayvon set out to prove himself “bad” the night of February 26th 2012, when he doubled back to confront — blindside and cold-cock — George Zimmerman who had every right to be suspicious of any hooded-stranger walking in the dark through the yards of his neighbors rather than on the sidewalk or in the street. George Zimmerman was as most of us know, a neighborhood “watch captain” whose neighbor’s had suffered many burglaries by characters that would likely appear just as Martin did lurking about in dark shadows. Zimmerman had actually followed proper procedure by calling and alerting Police of the situation he observed. George Zimmerman clearly thought it important that the police be enabled to find the guy in the hoodie (Martin) making every effort to provide them with accurate intel. Doesn’t sound like the act of a racist that’s hell-bent on killing a black man.

Trayvon Martin, on the other hand, had an entirely different agenda that night. After Zimmerman had abandoned the effort to keep track of Trayvon, at the behest of the police dispatcher, and was returning to his car after checking the street-signs where he’d last seen Martin, poor old George was cold-cocked by Trayvon Martin who had doubled back to pursue and lay a world-class beating on him, most likely to convince his “cultural” peers that he was indeed one bad-ass’d “N”-word — as self-described on Twitter. Yup, and to prove it, Trayvon intended to kill the “creepy-ass’d [white] cracker”, telling Zimmerman “you’re gonna die tonight”. Yeah, Trayvon Martin was a real innocent victim,and he was also the thug that tested positive for drugs in his system, the same one that bragged about being into fighting and who routinely made racist comments about whites not to mention depraved sexual comments about women. And on the night of February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin finally got the opportunity to prove to the sub-culture he most wanted to impress just how really really “BAD” he was. But little Trayvon didn’t anticipate that Zimmerman — who was not a tough guy by any standard or description — would have a gun which he was prepared to use as his ultimate defense in a life threatening situation. Oooops!

Truth be told, Zimmerman after having his nose broken by Martin, screamed repeatedly for help while pinned to the ground and being beaten. It wasn’t until he realized Martin was about to detect his (Zimmerman’s) gun, that Zimmerman truly believed Trayvon’s forewarning that he was “going to die” that night. In Zimmerman’s mind, his only chance of survival was to actually use the gun he carried, in self defense before it was used on him. So, Trayvon was just an innocent boy? Bullshit! I can tell you from first hand encounters that in the street, many 12 year olds learn how to become thugs and drug dealers first and, especially in the prevalent gang-banger sub-culture across this country, by the time they reach sixteen or seventeen most of that type are stone-cold killers. George Zimmerman is lucky to be alive and the only thing that saved his life was the last desperate act, before losing consciousness, of being first to use the GUN in self-defense. I find it curious that no-one has to this day considered that just maybe Trayvon could have been linked to the neighborhood burglaries. Statistically most burglaries are local. He was familiar enough with the neighborhood though he was just visiting a relative for a while; and judging from his own self-portrayed-image on Twitter this bottom-feeding wannabe bad ass was IMO definitely capable of it.

Let’s be absolutely clear about one thing — George Zimmerman was on that night as he remains to this day, a neighborhood HERO! But won’t be remembered for it. And Trayvon Martin — unfortunately for himself and his family — died being the thug he chose to be. And HE won’t be remembered for that.

UPDATE: VERDICT OF NOT GUILTY FOR GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. JUSTICE WAS FINALLY SERVED BY A JURY THAT SAW A SIMPLE TRUTH THAT THE RACE BAITERS, PROSECUTORS AND POLITICIANS REFUSED TO SEE — GEORGE ZIMMERMAN HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO SAVE HIS OWN LIFE OR LOSE IT TO THE ANGRY AND VICIOUS ATTACK BY TRAYVON MARTIN. WE ALL KNOW THAT FOR RACISTS LIKE rev. Al, like Eric Holder, like rev. Jesse, BHO and now also according to Harry Reid this isn’t over. Judging from recent Twitter feeds George Zimmerman and his family will be in fear for their lives for the rest of their lives. What a shame it is that the aforementioned race-baiters have led the entire nation to the brink of a racial war. Shame on them!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To:Representatives Boehner and Cantor...

Get your heads out of your asses! I shouldn't have been surprised I guess. I've heard over and over and over what dim-wits neo-cons are. And now the two of you have converted that assertion into an indisputable truth... I am depressed!

Mr. Boehner, just what common ground would you suggest we look for with a devout communist, hmmm? This is no time for open arms and civility -- we are at war with the enemy of our liberty who has acquired the high ground within our White House. Obama is the radicalized son of a devout communist. His associations have long been with radical communists and my dear Mr. Boehner, as has been repeated and proven countless times throughout history, "the apple does not fall far from the tree". In this case we have a real bad apple that a BUSHel of mindless dolts known as neo-cons allowed to become the first completely un-vetted president in our nation's history. Common ground indeed!

And as for you Mr. Cantor, so now all the big hearted republicans such as yourself want to force insurance companies to cover pre-existing--unhealthy--conditions, and if that weren't enough you also like the idea of requiring them to continue coverage for "young people" via their parent's insurance plan until age 26? You presumptuous arrogant jerk! Apparently it's true, neo-con idiots are just the slower road to a Global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Hey by the way, Representative Cantor, I can't afford car insurance with 3 buck a gallon gas and having taken a 40% cut in income the past 18 months, so how about making sure I get full after-the-fact collision coverage, with an order of life insurance on the side, when I drive my car off the frkng road next time I'm listening on the car radio and hear you two idiots gittin all kumbaya with Obama?

How much more simply could the mandate of this past election have been put to you? In case you were out on the day it was discussed in the media, the TEA Party, primarily responsible for said mandate, put it something like this: 1). Stop the Obama, Reid, Pelosi communist agenda dead in it's tracks. 2). Repeal Obama care as often as it takes until it can be accomplished permanently. 3). Cut spending and prevent the Democrats from raising taxes. Oh and by the way, if I hear you morons refer to that as "extending the Bush tax cuts..." one more time I'm gonna blow out every last vein, vessel, artery and capillary in my body. The Bush tax cuts were tax cuts only once -- the day they were enacted then signed into law. You aren't "extending tax cuts" YOU ARE CONTINUING CURRENT TAX RATES and the Democrats are attempting to RAISE those TAX RATES. But I digress! Number 4). Hold your ground, do not negotiate, do not compromise do not look for common ground with Democrats because we -- the people of these several united States of America -- WON! Do you understand? WE WON!!!$#@^%$$!$#@!

Now as I said, get yer heads outta yer asses and do our will, or prepare for a buttt thrashin the likes of which even your daddies never imagined to put upon you!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to a neo-Nightmare

There’s no sense wasting time with pointless details from the past several weeks. Let it suffice to say that my new friend, Abdi, whom I’ve known only that long just told me a story, one ringing with such truth, that whatever came before is simply irrelevant. Less than two hours ago I found myself engaged in a friendly debate over the political situation here in America. In the course of our discussion I said to Abdi “my greatest fear is that we’ve already spiraled irrevocably down the Marxist path and that November’s elections might be more or less a sideshow of the kind…” but before I could finish the point Abdi stopped me with a gesture and an emphatic “No!” followed by a soft “no” spoken as he shook his head.

Now this fellow’s a gentle soul of Somali descent, early to mid-thirties, heavyset for the type. Working day and night at two jobs, assimilating into our culture, trying hard to fulfill an American dream. Abdi said he came here a decade ago from Western Europe with his wife, hoping to escape the growing radical Muslim tyranny steadily eroding personal liberty over-there. So what he said next was credible in as much as I’m convinced he believed every word…

“No my friend, you do not understand. This is not about Marxism. Marxism is simply the most compatible platform from which to launch Sharia, and for radicals of the Muslim faith an America dominated under Sharia law is the objective. The President – Obama -- is fraudulent, whether or not he is known as a Muslim, he is not a Christian. Think of the political debate in this country as one might consider a game of chess. Diversion is a most useful tactic. The entire debate regarding whether your constitution is being cast aside and replaced with socialist dictatorship is a diversion. Truly, it is being cast aside, though to be replaced with fascist Sharia not socialism. To Muslim radicals who are not content to worship God in peace and live a life of moderation as their free will might allow, only three ways exist to deal with the American infidels; convert them to Islam, force non-believers into submission under Sharia where they will be taxed for the privilege to exist, or, kill them.”

I said “yeah I’ve heard all that before Abdi and this isn’t Western Europe, it’s America; we have guns and we vote. We aren’t the push-overs our cousins across the pond seem to be.”

“And that”, said friend Abdi, “is why you are in the greatest danger of losing. Consider this, you have all your life grown accustomed to an assumption that elections will occur every two years and that the results will be honored. But Americans are not so accustomed to third world politics where elections are simply there to appease. But you have already seen the signs of such corruption here. Many have suspected that certain elections were tampered with in recent years, is that not true?” Well what could I say other than yes. “Whether that is true or not, whether such tampering is even effective or not, the outcomes of future American elections are being assured by powerful forces. Most inner city and minority communities have been organized by radical activists seeking to corrupt the political process by any means necessary, and they are now in place, ready to take the next step when called to do so”.

I asked Abdi what on earth that meant, to which he responded as follows: “remember in the past election, the neo Black Panthers intimidating voters and the tens of thousands of Acorn activists?” yes, I said, of course. “They are radical revolutionaries just as their brethren from within organizations as the ‘Nation of Islam’. They have formed alliances with Islamic radicals who follow assorted mullahs and clerics from abroad that ascribe to the most extreme orthodoxy of the holy Quran. They’ve been preparing for holy Jihad against the American infidel, to overtake this country in the name of Alah, to convert as slaves those who can be converted, to impose oppressive taxes upon those who will submit to Sharia under their new masters for the privilege just to exist, and, to kill those who persist in resistance to this change. Many black-American Muslims, Hispanic converts and gang members as well as self-hating liberals lacking self-respect, are supporting this revolution from positions of anger, desiring to subordinate white men, women and all non-Muslims to a permanent underclass”.

I laughed, though uneasy, and said “Abdi that’s nuts, and if that’s what’s going on, they’re underestimating the free-will and resolve of we Americans to unite in common to remain free”.

Abdi replied softly, “no my friend you underestimate how a statistically few, well-armed revolutionaries can overthrow a government and take control of an entire nation. In addition to the millions of Muslims 10% to 15% of whom are radical Islamists, there are by most estimates 20 million illegal aliens in America, some are Muslim, many more are third world criminals, members of the drug cartels from South American places such as Venezuela, where men as Hugo Chavez export them to become mercenaries for Islam, enjoying the thought of over-throwing the constitutional government of the United States in favor of a fascist regime similar to their own. But even they have no real understanding of what a regime governed by Sharia law would eventually mean to their own dictatorships. They do not understand their eventual role. Just as laboring masses have always become the useful idiots necessary to support Marxist dictatorships, infidels and even devout Muslims of all colors and nationalities will serve the same purpose for radicalized Islam. The goal in imposing Sharia is not to overtake America per se, it is to provide a system of law similar in affect to socialism. A law intolerant of free will, intolerant of free speech, intolerant of individual liberty, incompatible with free enterprise and private sector profits which empower individuals. Their goal is an incremental step towards overtaking the entire world for Alah. And to that end, my friend conquering the most powerful nation, one which possesses the most effective and technologically advanced Nuclear arsenal , one with the military capability to threaten the entire world, is the objective. Militarily, America’s generals will be replaced, the ranks replenished with those willing to submit to Sharia or too fearful not to, as for the non-compliant, they must be eliminated”.

He ended the conversation with this. “I came here with my wife in the hope America would remain free, that Radical Islam would be rejected and never allowed to thrive. I could never imagine, especially after the September 11, 2001 attacks that Americans would act so foolishly in electing corrupt individuals to positions of power in their own government and that they could be so ignorant of what evil looked them in the eye. Is anyone paying attention to the extremists President Obama has appointed to positions of power as Czars and employees in his administration? If they had they would know these people have said as much as I have told you throughout their careers. The arrogance with which so many Americans have ignored these warnings is the same arrogance which has always empowered the fascist rulers who intend to enslave them.”

As happens every day at this time, my alarm went off. I reached over to smack the snooze button, knocking the clock off the night-stand in the process; man this one was way too real. So 'I woke up, got outta bed, dragged a comb across my head'... splashed cold tap water over my dry craggy face, then had me coffee and a roll before I set about writing it down.

Friday, August 20, 2010

We The People...

We the people are bearing witness to the destruction of our country and our freedom.

We hold these truths to be self evident that we will not stand for any oppressive government of which would undermine the woven fabric of our free society as American citizens.

We have not forgotten the struggles of the great men and women who fought to free this nation from oppression.

We have not forgotten the bravery of those who have united us under one flag, under one Republic as Americans with justice for all.

We have not forgotten how we won our freedom or how to regain it if lost.

We have not forgotten our duty under our Declaration of Independence to remove any oppressive government from power.

Those men, women and children who risked death for sake of freedom live with us in our hearts as we ensure our freedom as Americans.

No longer will we stand for corruption in our political system and be held hostage in our own land by those who do not believe in our constitution.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Obama's Ground Zero Sanctuary

Is it really a surprise to anyone that Obama would endorse this new Mosque being built at Ground Zero? Here is a fine example of Obama having no love for this country. Obamas love for America would get in the way of his great love for his Muslim heritage. Liberals keep on telling us that 9/11 was an inside job.... maybe it was.... maybe it was Barrack Hussein Obama who really planned it!

Obama is not just a terrible president, he is a terrible person. He is a sick, distorted, would be dictator who is more interested in the well being of Islam than that of the USA. After all, he is letting our enemies slap us in the face with this ground zero Mosque. The sole purpose for this Mosque being built is so terrorists can thumb their noses at us and all while Obama tries to arrange meetings with the neo Hitlers of the world like Ahmadinejad who keep these terror groups alive and well.

Our country that once sent the message to enemies far and wide that we will not be pushed around, we will not be terrorized and we will not stand despotism is now the country of the weak and spineless who would rather take hand outs and eat from the hands of emperors than be strong enough to feed and protect ourselves.

We have NOTHING to apologize for as Americans! Obama is NOT an American which must be why he feels so comfortable apologizing to our enemies, including our former enemies. This brings me to another point. How long are we going to keep on trying to cozy up with enemies like Russia, China and all of the other nations who would rather see us suffer than see us prosper? Did we really believe that empowering China to no end would make the world a better place? Thanks Bill Clinton, Bush and Obama. By the way, did we really believe that Russia would work to keep Iran from attaining nuclear weapons when Mother Russia herself was helping Iran go nuclear long before the rest of the world including the UN new what was going on? We should just rename Clinton, Bush and Obama to Hells Trinity. Thanks to these devils we are all going to have the chance to experience hell first hand in the New World Order, AKA: hell on earth.

Thanks again to all of the liberals in our nation who have handed over the best place on earth to satans comrades. Now we can all live in poverty just like the impoverished nations you so wish to model the USA after.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Useful Contributions Have Liberals Made to America?

I honestly think this should be a tough one for most conservatives to list. I really have trouble coming up with any myself. I think it would probably make more sense to talk about how liberals have destroyed American society instead but that one is far to easy.

I would love to hear what you have to say about this. Leave your comments and lets kick off the debate.

What Useful Contributions Have Liberals Made to America?

If Any.....